Using the Windows version of LTSpice on a Mac running OSX

I used to host a version of LTSpice made with Winebottler to allow access for those of us on Macs to run LTSpice without starting up a virtual machine (such as VMWare Fusion, etc). This actually gained some popularity and I got a surprising number of emails from people thanking me for it. I even found a link to it on a couple EE course syllabuses from around the world. Eventually Linear released a native version for OS X and found no reason for me to continue hosting my Winebottled version, considering the entire application was upwards of 200MB (as I included the whole Wine environment in the package so people wouldn’t have to install Wine to run it).

Since then, I’ve come to realize that the native mac version of LTSpice lacks a number of features not contained in the windows version and can be quite frustrating to use–especially for those new to LTSpice. I’m sure LT will eventually get around to improving those, but for the time being, I’ve decided to make a newer bottle of the Windows version of LTSpice. This one is tested to work on Yosemite, I’d love to hear from you if you’ve found it to work or not work on other releases of OSX.

So here’s the latest bottle I made. Keep reading below for a summary of the differences between this and the native mac version.

…I’ll update this soon with pictures, etc. But the biggest differences are a toolbar at the top (no need to use keyboard shortcuts) and some nice wizards for generating the code for different types of sources.